ICAN serves the vulnerable youth in our community through free afterschool programs that strengthen their academic success and teach critical life skills that encourage self-confidence. Programs such as ICAN’s are more critical than ever, but are also difficult to access. For every one child in an afterschool program, three are waiting to get in*. Participation in and demand for afterschool programs are much higher among children of color*.

The biggest obstacles parents face in accessing quality programs is they are too expensive and they have no safe way to get their kids to and from the program*. This is why ICAN is committed to providing its program free for anyone who wants to participate. We also provide free transportation so that parents do not have to worry about transportation.

Programs like ICAN are a social justice imperative. A recent study revealed that 89% of parents agree that having their child enrolled in afterschool programs help them keep their jobs*. Parents should not have to decide between keeping gainful employment and caring for their children. Quality programs should be accessible to all.

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Community Impact

For every $1 invested in afterschool programs, there is a savings of $3 in taxpayer money due to a reduction in crime/welfare costs, improving kids’ performance in school and increasing kids’ earning potential

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