Tax Credit

Tax Credit Information

Over 493,000 Arizona youth lack access to childcare. ICAN exists to close that gap.

Support our mission and reduce your tax liability through the AZ Charitable Tax Credit Program.

Up to $421 for Individuals, and up to $841 for Couples can be donated to receive a dollar for dollar credit on your state taxes.

A donation made to ICAN is a Qualifying Charitable Organization contribution. Tax credit donations can fall into any of the four below categories. If you’ve already made a donation in one of the three other categories – Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization / Public School Tax Credit / Private School Tax Credit, you can still receive a dollar-for-dollar return on your contribution towards ICAN – Qualifying Charitable Organization. 

There are three ways to donate to ICAN, with ICAN receiving 100% of donations from each.

How to Donate

Executive Council Charities

Donate a tax credit through the tax credit campaign, Support Arizona Youth (SAY), through Executive Council Charities and ICAN will get a 25% matching grant from ECC, up to $5,000.

Chandler Compadres

The Chandler Compadres are transformational partners of ICAN, supporting the Chandler based programs. Designate your tax credit donation to ICAN by selecting "ICAN Positive Programs for Youth."

Directly to ICAN

Click below to make your tax credit donation directly to ICAN.

** When filing taxes ICAN can be found listed as Improving Chandler Area Neighborhoods or use ICAN’s Tax Code 20031 **

** Questions? Contact Emily Winkis at (480) 874-7579 or **